It’s Book Launch Day — Time to Celebrate!

Alison Kilian
2 min readJan 16, 2024

Anyone who works in publishing knows, launch days are the BEST!

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As a ghostwriter, I love celebrating the authors I work with on launch day. Sometimes, my part of the celebrating is behind the scenes (I am, after all, a ghost). Other times, I get to join in and cheer on my author partner loudly and proudly! Today is one of those days.

For the hard-working author, waking up on book launch day can feel a lot like being a kid on Christmas morning. Case in point: Stan Gwizdak, who got a pretty awesome gift on his book launch day… His new book hit bestseller status! I support the composition of many books, but it’s always a thrill when one becomes a bestseller.

Last year, I collaborated at length with Stan to develop “Karmic Selling: Earning Business by Earning Trust.” Praised by Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly, Stan’s book redefines sales as an act of service. I’m pleased to now share it with my network. Check it out!

Congrats, Stan!

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